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La meilleure filtration nécessite le meilleur média filtrant !

The best filtration requires the best filter media!

Think of the filter as the kidney of your pool, just as your kidneys are constantly working to remove impurities from your body, your pool filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water. Think about dirt, leaves and even toys in the pool.

The more efficient and optimal your filtration is, the lower your consumption of chemicals and maintenance.

Piscine Hippocampe is proud to present the best filter media in the world:

Dryden Aqua AFM activated filter media


The result of 35 years of Research & Development, AFM (Activated Filter Media) is a direct replacement for sand that can be installed in all types of sand filters without additional investment in infrastructure. Made from selected pure glass, AFM undergoes a unique activation process to become self-cleaning and acquire superior mechanical and electrostatic filtration performance.

  • AFM is the most efficient filter media on the market with a certified filtration rate of 1 micron.
  • AFM is 100% bio-resistant: it prevents bacterial growth in the pool filter.
  • AFM is a sustainable product made from recycled glass

Your benefits at a glance

  1. Crystal clear water.
  2. Reduction of chlorine consumption
  3. No chlorine odor and up to 50% less THM.
  4. The risk of infections with bacteria and parasites such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  5. Same performance for many years. AFM lasts longer than all other filter media.

The best filtration requires the best filter media!

AFM activated filter media directly replaces recycled sand or glass, doubling the performance of sand filters without requiring additional investment in infrastructure.

AFM is a highly engineered product made from a specific type of glass, processed to achieve the optimal particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to become self-sterilizing and acquire superior adsorption properties.

Self-sterilizing surface : AFM is 100% bio-resistant, it prevents the channeling and biological conversion of urea into ammonia in the pool filter, responsible for toxic chlorine odors (trichloramines).

Superior adsorption properties : The surface area of ​​the AFM is greatly increased and becomes hydrophobic (water repellent) to filter particles down to 1 micron and to remove approximately 50% of organic substances, thereby reducing the formation of harmful THMs by up to 50%, including chloroform.

AFM is not recycled glass or sand!

Difference from other glass media on the market:

Activation – During the production process, raw AFM® is subjected to a three-step chemical and thermal activation process. Activation is the reason for its bio-resistance and amazing filtration performance.

Raw material – We only use green and brown glass because white glass does not contain the metal oxides necessary for activation. Green glass and brown glass carry a charge which is greatly increased upon activation.

Production – Dryden Aqua is a manufacturer of glass filter media – other competitors are glass recycling companies that sell their “waste”. Our production is probably the most sophisticated and sustainable glass processing plant in the world. We have optimized each part to produce the best material available, with the best shape and size for our applications. We ensure that our product does not have any sharp edges that could injure you or damage the filter.

Efficiency – Thanks to the points mentioned above, we are able to produce a material that filters particles 20 times smaller than sand or any other competing product. This is proven by the independent IFTS laboratory in France

AFM of : Filters 95% of all particles down to 1 micron.

Sable : Filters 95% of all particles up to 20 microns.

Recycled glass : Filters 95% of all particles >25 microns

Where can you use AFM?

You can use AFM, without any infrastructure changes,…

…in every filter that works with sand or recycled glass.

…for standard swimming pools

…for salt water pools

…with each oxidation and sanitation method

…at all temperatures