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Pool shock treatment

Oxidants and shock treatment are used to clean the water in your swimming pool, spa or whirlpool by using active oxygen to break down particles, oils and pollutants. Waste that is too small or that cannot be retained by your filter. Their build-up will eventually make the water dull and cloudy and potentially irritating when combined with chlorine. That's it for your science class for the day. Check out Dazzle's collection of oxidants to help keep your water clean, clean, and crystal clear.


Ultra Shock
From $17.99 CAD
Amaze Plus
From $14.99 CAD
Pristiva Premium Shock
From $18.99 CAD
Save $7.00 CAD
From $24.99 CAD $31.99 CAD
Save $25.00 CAD
Amaze 400g
$14.99 CAD