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Automatic Cleaner

One of the strong points of the robotic pool cleaner is its efficiency. Powered by intelligent algorithms and powerful motors, it effortlessly navigates your pool, leaving no corner overlooked. Say goodbye to laborious manual cleaning and let this smart device do the work for you. With its precise scanning capabilities, it maps the layout of your pool, ensuring thorough cleaning and eliminating the risk of missed areas.

The robotic pool cleaner offers a range of cleaning modes, allowing you to customize the cleaning process to suit your needs. Whether you want a quick surface clean or a deep clean, this versatile cleaner will meet your expectations. It can easily handle different pool coverings, whether concrete, tile, vinyl or fiberglass, providing thorough cleaning regardless of your pool material.

In addition, this robotic marvel offers an exceptional level of filtration. Featuring state-of-the-art filtration systems, it captures and removes even the smallest particles of debris, from leaves to sand to algae. This efficient filtration not only ensures a crystal clear pool, but also a healthier swimming environment for you and your loved ones.

Operating the robotic pool cleaner is child's play thanks to its user-friendly interface. With simple controls and intuitive programming, you can simply set the cleaning schedule and let the device take care of the rest. Its energy-efficient design reduces power consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice that saves both energy and money.

By integrating renowned brands such as Pentair and Maytronics, Piscine Hippocampe guarantees unparalleled quality and durability. These leading manufacturers have established themselves as pioneers in the field of pool cleaning, ensuring that the robotic pool cleaner offers unrivaled performance and longevity.


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Dolphin LIBERTY 200
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Dolphin Explorer E20
$999.99 CAD $1,099.99 CAD
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Dolphin Explorer E30
$1,399.99 CAD $1,599.99 CAD
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Dolphin Explorer E50
$2,050.99 CAD $2,299.99 CAD
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Pentair Racer Pressure Sweeper
$999.99 CAD $1,499.99 CAD
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Pentair Racer LS Pressure Sweeper
$699.99 CAD $1,099.00 CAD
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Ariel Solar Robotic Pool Skimmer
$699.99 CAD $1,000.00 CAD
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Dolphin LIBERTY 300
$1,599.99 CAD $1,800.00 CAD
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Dolphin Wave 90i - Collection Commercial
$4,199.99 CAD $4,799.99 CAD
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