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Mineraluxe Advance Sticks


  • The Mineraluxe Advance sticks are the stars of the Mineraluxe for Pool system! An advanced weekly mineral treatment, comprising a blend of natural minerals fused with our cleansing and repellency technology. Imagine crystal clear, clean, squeaky pool water with a silky softness that you thought was only available in your spa. Not to mention the benefits of our Mineraluxe fusion technology, which fights biofilms and dramatically reduces the demand for chlorine (or bromine), making the system even more affordable. Biofilm, as we know, is a hidden torment for swimming pool owners; it provides organizations with a safe place of refuge until regular pool maintenance breaks down. Not anymore ! When Advance Sticks are used weekly, other common treatment products are no longer needed (stain and scale control, clarifiers, algaecides, water enhancers, etc. Healthier, more luxurious.