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Guide Complet pour Préparer Votre Piscine aux Températures Estivales

Complete Guide to Preparing Your Pool for Summer Temperatures


With the arrival of sunny days and summer temperatures, it is time to prepare your swimming pool for refreshing moments and aquatic fun with the family. However, clean, well-balanced pool water does not maintain itself, especially when the demand for sanitizer increases with heat. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the essential tips for keeping your pool in optimal condition all summer long. From managing chlorine and pH to using advanced technologies, discover how to ensure crystal clear, safe water for all swimmers. Get ready to fully enjoy your personal oasis, without worries or complications.

The Basics of the Interview:

Step 1

As summer temperatures approach, it is crucial to maintain a chlorine or bromine level around 3.0 ppm in your pool. Warmer temperatures increase the demand for sanitizer, so be sure to increase chlorine production in your chlorinator or add more Dazzle Protect sticks, washers or tablets to your skimmer or float. This will strengthen your defense against contaminants and algae.

To maximize the effectiveness of your chlorine, make sure the water pH is properly balanced between 7.4 and 7.6. Regularly test the pH as well as the chlorine or bromine level at home to maintain these parameters within the recommended values. Before temperatures soar, take a water sample to your local specialty store for a complete test to ensure your chemical balance is just right.

Timing is Crucial:

Don't leave your pool maintenance to the last minute. Prepare in advance to avoid complications when the weather warms up. Start now by applying your maintenance products regularly, including:

  • Use Mineraluxe Advance for advanced management of your swimming pool water.
  • Apply Dazzle Amaze Plus and Dazzle Assure to maintain crystal clear, balanced water. If using Solei, leave the lid open to maximize continued oxidation and improve water clarity.

Specific Advice on Water Temperature:

It is essential to understand how water temperature influences sanitizer demand. For every 6°C increase in your pool temperature, you will need approximately 50% more disinfectant. For example, when water temperatures rise from 10°C in spring to 28°C in mid-summer, you will likely need to adjust your sanitizer dosage accordingly, going from 1 to 2 sticks per week to 4 to 6 sticks per week.

Some Final Practical Tips:

  • Frequently test chlorine levels, pH and other key parameters to ensure optimal water quality.
  • Make sure your pump runs long enough each day to effectively filter the water, especially when pool usage is high.
  • Consider removing your pool cover during periods of intense heat to allow the water to breathe and maintain more stable temperatures.
  • Explore the cutting-edge technologies available like Mineraluxe Advance, ideal for high traffic pools, providing crystal clear and comfortable water.
  • For simplified management of bather waste, consider using Solei, which continuously removes contaminants without requiring additional shock.

By following these detailed tips and remaining proactive in maintaining your pool, you can fully enjoy your personal oasis all summer long. Clean, clear, well-balanced water is the key to a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for your entire family.